I want to express what
a beautiful lion cut you
did on Mollee.  She
feels absolutely great
especially during this
hot weather. You
handled Miss Mollee
very well with out too
much problems for her.
Your service was fast
and the grooming was
perfect. We look
forward to seeing you
on her next trip to the
spa.                Marsha

The gals at Pawsch
Puppy took my puppy
haircut disaster from
PetSmart and turned
my Soft Coated
Wheaten Cash into a
showpiece! He's never
looked better and he
was so happy to be
looking so incredible.
They took care of his
matted hair around his
collar, on his face, and
under his chest from
his harness, cut him
brilliantly and still kept
his wheaten look. I
would highly
recommend this place
for anyone in the Castle
Rock area looking for a
groomer. A great blend
of professional and
personal attention for
me and my dog. Will
definitely go back! C.F
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